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Good choices make the difference.

In 1996, in southern Espirito Santo, Brazil, Pedra do Frade Export was born. Founded by entrepreneur Estevam Antonio Fiorio, the company started with four gangsaws, a shed and a lot of ambition. After six months, Estevam took a risky but promising decision: transferring the company's management to his children Geovane and Rita, and their spouses, Sabrina and Pedro.

The new directors saw beyond a small business; they saw their clients' dreams and their own. Thus, they invested in technology, innovation and new markets. In 2003, the company made its first export to the US. Today, it serves more than 30 countries, such as Brazil, China and Mexico.

In 2016, they started investing in their own raw material. Since then, they have acquired new quarries throughout Brazil guaranteeing exotic and exclusive materials.

Currently, the company continues to invest in the best equipment and employees on the market. With more than 25 years, Pedra do Frade Export is recognized for the quality of its products and the excellent service of the team.

It was all these decisions that strengthened the brand in such a competitive sector. Therefore, for team Pedra do Frade, good choices make the difference.

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Natural Monument The Friar and the Nun

The rocky monument The Friar and the Nun, which gives our company its name, is a natural Brazilian granite formation. With 683 meters of altitude, it is located on the border of the municipality of Itapemirim with Vargem Alta, close to the BR-101 in the state of Espírito Santo. With a silhouette that, according to local legends, resembles the profile of a friar and a nun, the monument, declared a Natural Cultural Heritage of Brazil, is a beautiful landscape that can be seen from our company and, without a doubt, inspires us all days with its imposing natural beauty.